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Himalayan Waves

Himalayan Waves Trekking welcomes you to the nymph of heaven, Nepal.

Established in 1993, the company has 26 years of glorious history of serving travelers and adventurers. Begun as a small trekking company at Thamel,

Himalayan Waves Trekking has now spanned its growth to become one of the largest adventure travel and tour operators in Nepal.


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  • "Trekking in Nepal"

    This is my first time visits in Nepal, and I have heard a lot of Trekking in Nepal; when I came to this office, I understand that I was at right agency, very nice people. The route we made sometimes very hard, but almost always as wonderful experience. I don’t like the leeches, but I suppose no one do. We were at 3300m high and no problem at all. The biggest problem was the language, I don’t understand Nepalese. But any way it has been a very good time for me, a perfect guide and good food.

    PerBiorkman, Sewden

  • "An excellent experience"

    An excellent experience, a great way to see Nepal and its beautiful country side and people. Our guide Jamy was very nice and friendly and worked very hard to make our trek enjoyable. The potters and cook also were very friendly and worked very hard. The food was good and plenty of it. I recommend to get out of Kathmandu and experience beautiful Nepal.

    Jermey Danny Brenton, Australia

  • "It was exhausting but fun!"

    We came to Nepal last minute from India for only a few days. We were accommodated on very short noticeand a two day trek. It was more then we expected as we had little tanning and no gear. They Supplied us well and we had fun at the tea house. It was exhausting but fun!

    Sarah Lorne, USA

  • "They know what they are doing"

    We arrived in Kathmandu and went straight out hotel where we met a guy who recommended HWT. We stated to talk to a very friendly man (Deepak) who made us believe that we could trek for 8 days. This tour we made through the mountains were fabulous and contained everything you wanted to see. If we got back to Nepal I wouldn’t hesitate to see HWT again due to the fact that they know what they are doing and they are selling a very good product, very professional. Thanks Deepak

    Johan Abrahamsson, HakanRasmusson, UifUuenberg , Sweden

  • "Very professionally organized"

    Very professionally organized from start to finish, very friendly and caring staff at HWT. Thoroughly enjoyed our trek, scerany ,etc brilliant . Our guide. Min was excellent!

    Glywis Stewart, Irelands

  • "It was an interesting, impressive adventure"

    Returned from our 5 days trek starting in Suikhet via Naudade, Chandrakot, Ghandrug, Hot Springs, Pothana, Dhampus ending at Pokhara we express our deep feeling for having made the acquaintance of the Nepalese country and its friendly and really helpful people. It was an interesting, impressive adventure but hard work for us. Especially we feel very happy and secure with our guide Basanta and crew. They always cared for us; our advice to the crew: take care of such a good cook!!!

    Thanks a lot for care and friendship.

    Turgay and maryErinc, Germany