• Himalayan CARES

Himalayan Waves Trekking is a part of the conglomerate consisting of various enterprise like Hotel Mandap, Himalayan Techno Gear and Café Illy among others.
The conglomerate headed by Mr. Deepak S.B Bhandari holds the firm belief that, as much as business ventures are important, so are the personnel dedicated towards making these ventures successful. This is why, every staff is equally cared and valued here.

The working environment here is cherished with the sprit that the staffs are not only mere employees of the organization, but part of bigger family. And they are treated as one, every way possible.
Whereas the conventional beliefs in Nepalese trekking business go, age is considered to be a very important factor in one’s career. These kind of thoughts and practices still seem to have strong hold in some trekking agencies coming from old school. But this is something that Mr. Bhandari firmly denies.
Once a person becomes a member of the Himalayan Waves Trekking family, the company assures that s/he will not have to remain unemployed. Even in periods of off-season, as it happens in Nepalese tourism industries, the staffs are allowed to work in any part of the big conglomerate, wherever they seem to be adjustable. This process of reintegration is just not for employees but also to the children or other needy family member of the staff. Wherever there is a necessity of giving any kind of opportunities related to employment or education, to the employees’ children or other family member, the Himalayan Waves Trekking renders it without any hesitation.

Workers’ Welfare Fund:

The Workers’ Welfare Fund was established in 2004 A.D. out of the need to give such assistance to the workers, a more systematic foundation. Mr. Deepak S.B Bhandari, the M.D. of the Himalayan Waves Trekking who initiated the fund suggests that, the fund is a concrete assurance to the employees that joining the company guarantees something for the workers even after retirement.
Upon initiation, a founding committee consisting of Mr. Gorkarna Prasad Pokhrel (Founder Chairman), Mr. Krishna Prasad Gautam (Founder Secretary) and Mr. L.B. Tamang (Lalit) (Founder Treasurer) was created. A fund was also created after a contribution of Rupees 120,000 from the company, which amount has now added up to Rs 2,224,000. The key contributors of the fund are Himalayan Waves Trekking Pvt Ltd. Kathmandu and Himalayan Fair Trekking from Germany. And of course, the member staffs themselves contribute a share of their salary, annually.

Since the establishment of the fund, it has helped various staff members, as goes the spirit of the company. Shortly after the fund was created, the homes of two of field staffs, Mr. Shadhuram Thapa and Mr. Fatik Thapa, both in Kavre, had caught fire. And immediately afterwards, they were assisted through the fund. Apart from these, many employees in need various helps are being continuously provided with due assistance as per needed.
It’s been a little more than 8 years that the fund has been running and fund has helped he staffs in many ways, says the incumbent Chairman, Mr. L.B. Tamang (Lalit).
“The fund was established with few staffs, the number which has now reached 40. The fund is important not only to make the financial contributions to its members in need, but also because it performs many trainings needed to the staffs members.”
The recently elected Secretary Mr. Deepak Pokhrel adds further that the fund has helped developing mutual respects in the staffs and thus it has contributed in making the company more unified.
Established with the aim of assisting the staffs in need, the fund has now almost turned to a co-operative like institution. The fund that is has collected is also used now to lend to its members at the interest of 10% per annum. The reserve from the interest will be given to staffs with poor economic background to assist in their children’s education.
The tradition of giving value to the staff members at Himalayan Waves Trekking continues and WWF has added just one more dimension to it.
When Himalayan Waves Trekking says that it cares, it indeed does. And as the smiling faces of the employees and the energized spirit of happy clients suggest, it is nowhere near fading.